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Nov 12, 2012 12:00pm PST
of turkeys to nevada and utah to feed thousands of hungry people on thanksgiving day. >>> there is a lot of snow in this area. look at nyak. more than two feet of know if i will which is open 9 to 9 and northstar is set to open on friday. >>> good afternoon to you, a warming trend is underway and at this hour under blue skies, and 45 degrees good air -- degrees, good air quality and it's just a nice quiet fall afternoon. in nevada 59 and widespread 50s around the bay. 60 degrees in calistoga. a light breeze, northeast at times and look at satellite radar, ridge of high pressure is bridging up the warm air mass. it is weakening as it moves across the pacific northwest but what it is doing is bringing us into the avenue night hours. it will offset our cooling and we are dealing with mostly clear skies put high clouds and the soft subtle light will help and we will be chilly but again not as chilly during recent mornings. february the storm track will be with us and the numbers are up a few degrees over what we felt on sunday. by tomorrow upper 60s and tomorrow 70s and mid-week partly cloud
Nov 20, 2012 12:00pm PST
and moved to turlock when he was 4. he went to the university of nevada on a football scholarship and was drafted by the 49ers last year. his dad states he's proud of -- he's proud of his son's accomplishments and was excited to get the call sunday night. >> he said dad i'm gonna start. it was late at night and i said really? i said good for you. this is what you've been wanting. >>> and kaepernick delivered. the 9ers play the saints on sunday and the coach was vague about what -- about who would start as qb. >>> good afternoon to you. cloudy and temperature outside our doors at this hour with rain on. way, giving you a live look there at the oakland estuary. mostly gray. a few peaks of sunshine. a few scattered showers earlier this morning. that will remain for the north bay where we continue to see rainfall. the rest of us mainly dry. here is the next system. eventually, making its way into the bay area. right now, just a few prefun -- prefrontal showers is what we're seeing. santa rosa, the rain continues in vallejo, spreading east at this hour. but you can see san francisco, o
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2